Financial services

Accounting and bookkeeping services

  1. Checking the input and output documents to conform with the regulations;

  2. Classification, sort of accounting documents and vouchers.

  3. Performing accounting and bookkeeping on computer accounting software;

  4. Accounting and depreciating assets;

  5. Preparing and printing accounting books in accordance with accounting regulations;

  6. Making financial statement;

  7. Appointing staff as accountant

  8. Working with audit company;

Tax Services

  1. Declaring initial tax for newly established company.

  2. Declaring license tax;

  3. Tax code registration for staff;

  4. Preparation of tax reports and submit to the tax authorities as stipulated monthly (VAT, PIT, CIT).

  5. Preparation of tax reports and submit to the tax authorities as stipulated quarterly (VAT, PIT, CIT)

  6. Preparation of financial reports quarterly and annually in accordance with regulations.

  7. Reporting finalization of annual corporate income tax (CIT)

  8. Reporting finalization of annual personal income tax (PIT)

  9. Working and explaining to the tax authorities on behalf of your company in the scope of the work was done.

  10. Notifying the amount of tax payable, time to pay the taxes.

Other Services

Chief account services

  1. Appointing staff as chief accountant for your business;

  2. Implementing the work of chief accountant as regulated by law.

Tax consulting

  1. Consulting accounting, tax (VAT, PIT, CIT) and invoices for your business in the content and scope of work perform.

  2. Working with tax authorities.

  3. Working and explanation with the tax authorities in the scope of the work was done.

Payroll services

  1. Preparing and calculating salary for staff monthly,

  2. Preparing monthly payroll includes wages, bonuses and allowances monthly;

  3. Calculating amount for social insurance, health insurance, unemployment insurance monthly;

Social insurance and labour services

  1. Performing the procedure of labor registration.

  2. Preforming procedures related to social insurance, medical insurance and unemployment insurance for staff.

Delivering reports

  1. Receiving vouchers from your business.

  2. Submitting reports to the tax authorities.